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Butterfly, you are my god!

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Reprinted from - Sewer Boy

Butterfly, you are my god!

Original title: Butterfly, you are my god!

Butterfly, you are my god!

‍Recently, Billie Eilish (Billie Eilish) reappeared the "butterfly" element that often appears in fashion and entertainment circles in her selfie photos, completing the fashion solitaire.

Butterfly, you are my god!

have to That said, a butterfly is not just a beautiful creature. There are also special meanings, including metamorphosis, hope, and rebirth from a cocoon. Butterflies are also a very symbolic and meaningful symbol for fashion.

Butterfly is An inspirational insect whose short life spans from ugliness to beauty, from caterpillar to butterfly, sublimated into something unique and truly beautiful, as glamorous and dramatic as fashion.

Butterfly is Beautiful and ephemeral incarnation of sadness, but butterflies are the soul of rebirth, the life of transformation, and the beautiful images of various myths and classical literature incarnations are also related, so they are also the muse of inspiration for many stars.

For example, Mariah Carey Self-proclaimed as a butterfly, she turned into a butterfly and embraced beauty. In 1997, she released the album "Butterfly". I personally think this is also her most fairy-like album. The music is poetic and the lyrics are picturesque, just like a butterfly. No one can bear to blame for being unable to fly over the sea.

By 2021 In 2018, Ed Sheeran (Ed Sheeran) also injected butterfly elements into his new album "=".

In 2010, the retro trend returned, and the most popular element in the fashion circle is the butterfly element, which has become the protagonist of many big shows, the inspiration of magazines, and an eternal and immortal fashion element.

So in In the recent fashion circle, this element brand has appeared on the catwalk and in the outfits of celebrities, and butterflies have therefore become the inspirational muse of many brands and designers.

With the resurgence of retro aesthetics, it has quickly become a hot style, and it also makes us sigh: fashion is a circle!

Butterfly, I realized that beauty can only bloom in the sun.

It turns out that fashion is a drunken butterfly, and it can't fly out of the world of flowers.

Don't ask , Lord Qianlong also likes it!


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