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From "show field" to "workplace", how do cool girls shine?

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Workplace outfits are never limited to formal attire.


Bring your dressing attitude to your daily work.


A woman in the workplace,


A cool girl in life.

Turn your office into your own show,

Show your daily style.

Let's see how the cool girls in the workplace,

how to move the show to their daily work.

Working girls draw inspiration from the Louis Vuitton 2022 autumn and winter series to pay tribute to youth. The oversized leather jacket and wide-leg trousers are unrestrained and free and easy. The seemingly casual daily wear shows attitude without losing the atmosphere of the workplace. A song of freedom that travels through time and space is played at the Musée d'Orsay.

The flower tie is the biggest highlight in the outfit, each Various color collages and prints are particularly eye-catching in the center of the clothes, adding a touch of liveliness and childlikeness to the tedious daily work, presenting a youthful atmosphere.

It's not a bold play on the street, but a stronger sense of power, and the style and confidence of women in the workplace And excellent. At the same time, retro temperament and modern design intersect, making the heroic spirit more prominent.

Stella McCartney 2022 autumn winter collection pays tribute to American artist Frank Stella , the style changes from minimalism to extreme abstraction are displayed, minimalist design and extremely cumbersome patterns appear at the same time, but they share clear lines and clear outline structures.

Different styles of coats have become the highlight of this season, colors Simple but neat tailoring, flexible and dignified stripes and lines, non-animal leather coats show individuality but are also versatile. On weekdays, you only need a coat to change styles in a variety of ways.

Draping lily dresses or woven dresses, or overalls and simple inner wear, coats are excellent collocations. The brand's clothing materials adopt a consistent sustainable fashion attitude, which is a good match for commuting.

Creative director Gabriela Hearst took the movie "Father Sun and Nun Moon" as the aesthetic inspiration, and made nature protection Integrating into the Chloé 2022 autumn and winter series, focusing on the solution to the 'Rewinding wild' climate, presenting a new series of natural protection styles.

Leather clothes are not No matter it is just the representative of punk and street, it can also exude a capable and powerful aura in the corridor of the office. The fashion silhouette composed of ruffles and scallops on the shoulders and the lantern sleeves of different sizes also add a casual and relaxed feeling to the leather, which is modern and simple.

To easily resolve more problems in the workplace, women need to work together. Women can also exude their own unique brilliance and charm in the workplace.

Alexander McQueen 2022 autumn and winter collection uses mycelium as inspiration Source, the tenacious life force burst out through the colorful fashion, showing a thriving scene through the high-saturation color.

Mycelium has a powerful power of repair and healing, Just like women who try hard not to admit defeat in the workplace, suits are not limited to black and white, and colorful can also burst out more possibilities. In the exquisite and neat tailoring, the vitality added by the bright color allows working women to find the right balance between rigidity and softness.

These are extracted from mycelium and other patterns The design details bloom in the tail of the suit and the hem of the skirt, adding a strange and psychedelic in the combination of rigidity and softness.

Reinterpreted the British charm engraved in the brand DNA, Burberry's 2022 autumn and winter series can be described as bold and successful, giving the whole series a new look, becoming an elegant and interesting work of art, colliding between city and country, glam and punk, telling a new definition of British style.

The plaid element is the most classic and iconic Burberry, In addition to the reappearance of the oak leaf heraldry, the equestrian knight logo is embellished on the clothing in the form of bubble crystals. The elegant and noble British style blows through. Walking in the workplace is like walking on the avenue covered with maple leaves, giving you more confidence and confidence. Take it easy.

If you dare to take risks, you will have infinite possibilities, British style The inherent definition of is broken, which also symbolizes that women break the inherent limitations in the workplace and constantly try and break through new fields.

 OFF-WH WH WH WH WH WH WH WH WH WH WH WH WH WH WH ITE 2022 Autumn and Winter series continues Virgil Abloh’s Subverting the spirit, in the collision of the past and the future, the "High Fashion" series of ready-to-wear comes one after another, which also endows haute couture with precious meaning, and is a perfect visual feast.

Contrasting colors of yellow and purple with hollow design, Whether it is the color contrast or the detail design, it shows a strong vitality. Elements such as pistils, grids and abstract printing also run through it restrainedly, showing the wearer's personality and taste in a high-profile but unobtrusive manner. The workplace is full of outfits. It's all about being careful.

imagination And life is unrestrained, as fashion embodies, this is a journey full of fantasy, everything is possible, no matter in the workplace or in life, do not set limits, be yourself.

Hermès, always exquisite and simple, released the 2022 autumn and winter women's clothing series , the gentle design combines equestrian elements, line patterns and exquisite clothing craftsmanship, showing a group of women who walk lightly and forge ahead, confident and free, exploring the future.

The matching of lining is not just matching, but also shows the attitude and unique character. Through the natural interweaving of detailed elements such as light ruffles and stripes, it increases the layering and detail of the outfit, conveys a new Parisian silhouette between layers, and brings women who are not restricted by labels. The ultimate wardrobe.

The theme of this series is "Young Heart", transparent The inner lining of the skin-feeling material increases the exposure of the skin, presenting the classic, elegant and fashionable feminine beauty in a more modern way.

Free With a sassy attitude,

Walk out your own way in the workplace show.

Every girl is her most special self,

Cool girl closet is ready,

Tomorrow you,

Ready Which show style to wear to the office?


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