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Playing with "stacking in stacking", you can also become the ceiling of the layering world

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Throughout the year, layering has always been the key point of dressing. Especially when the seasons change, whether it is in terms of aesthetics or comfort, layering is just right.

Playing with

When it comes to layering, Bai Baihe, who has countless fans with ootd among the stars, is definitely the well-deserved "ceiling of layering". Although most of them are simple basic models, she can wear them well. The same taste is also a great reference for everyone.

Playing with

If Bai Baihe's layering is very suitable for commuting, then under the influence of the Athleisure trend, the mix and match that emphasizes individuality must also occupy an important role in the layering industry front row position. From 2021 to 2022, there are many fashion week shows in every season.

Playing with

Skin clothes + outer wear

I still remember when this tight-fitting bottoming shirt first came out, everyone said look at it I don't understand, it is now a must-have item for everyone.

Skin clothing The texture is very light and extremely slim, so wearing it under various coats will not affect the silhouette and comfort of the garment.

Skin clothing It is suitable for the weather after cooling down. Wearing it in a suit or knitted sweater is equivalent to a summer bottoming vest.

Colorful, contrasting, floral, autumn All the highlights of the show are focused on this small piece of the neckline.

I believe a lot Girls have similar feelings. The suspender skirt has a lot of exposed skin, so it is more foreign than the dress with sleeves, but wearing the suspender alone is too exposed and too cool, and there are not many opportunities to wear it every day.

Yes After the skin clothes, the suspender skirt finally found a single product that complements itself.

hot The short skirt and the gentle and elegant floral long skirt are all easy to do, and the layered effect of layering greatly enhances the fashion of the skirt.

Base layer + transition item + jacket

The advanced formula is not difficult to use, it is just like a sandwich, 3 layers. But it takes some scheming to dress this formula well.

want To highlight the upper body, you can choose design knits, shirts, shawls, scarves and other accessories that can also be used to create overlapping effects at the neckline, placket, and cuffs.

Want to highlight For the whole set of atmosphere, choose the same color system for inner wear and outerwear to be layered, and follow the outer light and inner deep or the outer deep and inner light, which not only has the multi-level fun of stacking, but also does not use too much force.

If you want bright-colored items on the upper body, remember to use neutral colors such as black, white and gray for transition. As long as there are 1-2 layers of "sandwich" in color, it will be very eye-catching.

Shirt + bottoming or vest

< p> No matter what the season is, a shirt must be a must-have item in the wardrobe. In the world of layering, the entry-level formula is to use the shirt as the invariant of the whole body look, so that it can "maintain the outside as well as the inside".

One piece Shirt + small turtleneck is enough to support commuting for a week. This layering routine that doesn’t choose body shape or style can be worn directly on the upper body. And it is suitable for various occasions, and the utilization rate should not be too high.

Then" There are more tricks to play with the shirts and vests of "Master Inside". The shirt cuffs and neckline exposed from the vest are places where you can make a big fuss. Whether it is a court collar, puff sleeves or wood ears, you can buy all kinds of design shirts together.

vest The choice also has a big impact on the style of the day. The college-style knitted vest is a must-have popular option, and it looks elegant while reducing age.

The button-up vest is full of retro atmosphere, and vintage lovers can also mix and match the floral shirts in the closet of their parents, and add a filter to make a picture and go back to the 90s in a second.

Same color layering

Mix and match white woolen sweaters, cashmere coats, and white boots, and it looks like a lady-like set.

But white What needs to be paid attention to in the way of wearing a suit is that the color should be layered as much as possible, that is, the mix and match of deep and light white is not easy to look cheap. Or like Hailey Bieber, the whole body is almost white, but the style must be fashionable and avant-garde to ensure the overall matching level.

White Mashup Although it looks good, it is really not suitable for daily life. For most people, a brown mix and match is a better choice.

Safe Harmonious and unified, brown is the same color as white, and it also brings a soft and delicate visual experience. The brown series itself has a lot of changes. It is very durable and durable to match with brown items of different shades and styles of fabrics.

Layered As an essential matching method, it allows temperature and style to coexist, and it is convenient to add or subtract clothes. The whole look can become rich and full of details in the world of layering. After figuring out the details and formulas of layering, let's "stack in the middle" together!


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