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This summer, wear butter color

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This summer, wear butter color

I like to see some cool and bright things in the sweltering spring and summer, last time I wrote about cute and romantic pink At that time, I found that the authoritative fashion agency WGSN released a very healing color: butter yellow.

This summer, wear butter color

Seeing the buttery color seems to be able to smell the pure and delicate light milk flavor, I feel inexplicably good.

This summer, wear butter color

Compared with the bright sunshine of lemon yellow, the saturation is relatively The low buttery color is not so dazzling, it is bright and quiet at the same time, and it is like fluffy and soft bread, exuding a sweet breath.

LOW CLASSIC The Curve bag launched 9 colors in one go, including lemon yellow and butter. A moving picture is arranged for everyone, so that you can feel the difference between the two colors more intuitively~

Many brands use this color. For example, jacquemus just finished the show in Hawaii. From bags, shoes to clothes, there are buttery colors. The clear and light colors are very suitable for spring and summer.

Gucci's butter-colored suits and dresses in the Spring/Summer 2022 show are also very popular and expensive And gentle.

The minimalist jil sander also prefers butter color, the indisputable tone blends with the simple lines, and it can be seen across the screen Smell a clean breath~

Many bloggers are also very Favor butter color, such as prosenkilde, she has a lot of dresses in this color, the fluffy and elegant skirt hides the heart of a milky girl.


Daily life also prefers to take photos with butter color.

Viktoriia Bogodist's interpretation of butter color is more bold, and The highly saturated red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple have been mixed and matched before. If you have a trend phobia, you can’t help but take a second look. It’s so eye-catching.

Aimee Song has also worn a butter-colored dress several times recently.

Elsa wore a butter-colored bra a few days ago , the combination of the wheat-colored devil figure and the gentle custard is sweet and spicy.

see Here, are you already a little bit eager for this color? I searched all fashion bloggers on IG for the interpretation of butter color, and I have some new ideas on how to wear butter color well. If you are interested in this color, let’s take a look.

Butter + white ✦

Among all the color combinations, the most refreshing and unselective combination is undoubtedly butter + white. A few days ago, Violet Grace wore a yellow and white tube top skirt and ran by the grassy lake, feeling very springy.

According to this idea, we can also directly start with a yellow and white color contrast skirt, which can save matching time for lazy people.

The skirt is from RoohCollective, there are two different styles to choose from , taking care of the needs of small and tall people, both cute and sexy.

ANNE JOHANNSEN wore a tie-dye a few days ago The butter-colored suit, even though the whole body is yellow, is not very boring, and the milky white that blends in is very soft.

White is really a panacea.

Many bloggers will choose butter-colored skirts. The wide and light skirt and the pure white shirt are very refreshing and powerful.

This buttery skirt is from Viktor&Rolf, same In a color system, it also has cake skirts, high boots, shirts, etc. Bright colors look good on the mood.

If you want something more sexy and feminine For styles, check out this buttery single product from Tibi. Standing against the backlight, you can vaguely see the beautiful curves of women outlined by the fabric as thin as cicada's wings, which reminds people of the evening when cicadas sing, the breeze blows through the hair, and the skirt seems to be dancing.

nailadevora Wearing a buttery miniskirt + Mary Jane shoes, white socks. This set is very suitable for copying by the student party and the hot girls, and the breath of youth and vitality blows across the face.

Los Angeles niche brand STAUD has a buttery look Start directly, the skirt is also white and contrasting.

STAUD also A yellow and white stitching sweater with contrasting stripes was launched, which has won a lot of attention compared to ordinary white or yellow items.

naileadvora likes the yellow + white CP very much. She also wore a buttery suspender bra+white skirt. The seaside, blue sky, and sandy beach in summer have this color, and the eye-catching index is self-evident.  

If you like butter color bra, you can take a look The British hot girl brand ohpolly, which is very popular on IG recently, also launched a butter bikini.

Butter color + pink ✦

It looks quiet, low-key, and the leisurely butter color, like the end of autumn and winter and the beginning of spring and summer, will make people feel transparent and refreshing. It forms cp with the pink color that also has a sweet atmosphere. It is sweet but not greasy, and the eyes are like eating ice cream.

Nina Sandbech even changed the bed sheets at home to a butter color. She herself wore pink clothes and a milky bed and took several big group photos. It was fresh and romantic, and the photos were very good.

For this photogenic combination, Leonie Hanne follows 70% butter color + 20% The degree of skin exposure + 10% pink outfit ratio. Butter color is easier to control than pink, and we ordinary people can’t go wrong~

A pink bag and shoes are the highlights of the look.

Viktoriia Bogodist is also following this idea of collocation, The dress on her is from ABOUT YOU.

Sweet If the wind is interested, Isabelle Blanche has a shirt-style buttery dress to try. The skirt is pleated and hollowed out, very sweet and sexy.

Sisters who like fairy style, professional fairy skirt GEORGES HOBEIKA will not let you down. It has a butter-colored dress with a short front and a long back. The skirt is covered with blingbling luxurious embroidery, and its gestures are comparable to butterfly wings. It is so beautiful that it can make people tremble.

Wearing such a skirt to go out, you can’t help but turn a few times on the road...

There is also ceciliebahnsen, a real Nordic girl, a butter-colored doll The skirt and puff sleeves are like flowers, low-key and dreamy.

If you have a good figure like Elodie russell, you might as well try it out Try a hotter look, embellished with rose pink high heels, flattering but not vulgar. The buttery suit is from Cultform, interested sisters can go to the official website to find it.

Acnestudios is a brand that uses butter color in large areas. The skirts and suits at home are very light and elegant, full of high-end sense, like fairy dresses.


It can be replaced with pink floral suspenders and yellow trousers. Broken flowers can disperse the eye-catching pink, and the overall feeling is retro and fresh.  

Pacsun has launched a lot of butter-colored straight-leg pants. If you like it, you can enter the official website to buy it.

Korean brand looknone.kr's wide-leg pants are also worth buying, they are very rusty and milky.

Isabelle Blanche has a pink and yellow stitching pajama shirt Absolutely, the urban fashion beauty works for 5 days in a row, and still has a rosy complexion. The secret weapon~

Butter color + blue ✦

Well, in summer, of course, you should go in a refreshing and frank direction when dressing. At first glance, I was attracted by the dress on Ginevra Mavilla. The skirt is also from GEORGES HOBEIKA mentioned above. The skirt has four colors, yellow, pink, white, blue, and the most eye-catching one is yellow + blue.

Here is a secret knowledge, in the hue circle , yellow and blue are complementary colors. When these two colors are combined, it can give people a strong impact.

If you want to be the most dazzling girl in the crowd this summer, you can wear yellow + blue at the same time.

Small crowd The blockbuster shot by the luggage brand euterpe studio also uses blue and yellow color schemes. The whole picture feels very seductive. The breath of spring and summer is so strong.

Whether it is Dark blue or light blue, the combined tone is very sunny and dazzling. When taking pictures, bring a sense of story.

The most common one on IG is butter-colored knit + tannin jeans.

This hollowed-out top from the niche brand Song Of Style is very popular. Naressa has also worn it. It is sexy and fashionable with denim shorts , it's hard not to love.

Students can try a doll collar shirt with denim straps Pants, vitality and youthful breath overflowed the screen.

Style Comparison Sisters of soft girls can take a look at the Danish brand envii. Its butter-colored checked generous collar shirts and trousers are very pure and sweet with small white flowers.

It also launched a series of butter color suspenders and Shirt. Paired with a metal necklace, the original soft and waxy color can also be cool.

Adenorah wore a halter strap with blue and white Striped suit pants are refreshing and mature at the same time. Sexier hot girls can directly replace the hanging neck with a small suspender~

Adenorah 'Halter neck top from Sandro Paris. It has a lot of butter-colored items, from vests to skirts to bags, everything.

This question is also loved by Viktoriia Bogodist. However, she prefers to wear a large-area butter-colored dress and a blue bag in her hand. The color scheme is very gentle and intellectual.

Including MAXINE WYLDE, too, carrying a blue bag , the layering of the whole shape is richer, more fresh and refined.

So, we don’t necessarily have to buy black and white bags when we buy bags, other colors are also very fashionable and easy to match.

Even small accessories, such as blue phone cases Oh summer dreamy feeling.

butter color +Purple✦

Here comes, Leonie Hanne comes to class again with her outfits. Who wouldn't be eager to try the tube top skirt below? The layered yellow-purple is so beautiful.

There is no doubt that it gave me new inspiration for butter color.

MAXINE WYLDE wore pink suspenders and a mini skirt . The combination of these two colors is really like eating macaron sweets for the eyes.

Sweet and soft.

The Look on her is from PH5, and there is another The series of skirts, knitted tops, etc., are very girly. If you have an idea, you can buy it directly on the official website.

The above groups are all warm and gentle combinations, and the light colors are very suitable for hot summer. Anyone who sees it will have a refreshing feeling.

Summer is coming soon. If you haven’t bought clothes yet, you can try to buy a few butter-colored items. Although the bright colors are small, they can lighten the eyes of others.

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