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Meet the hot summer with miniskirts

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In the 1920s, economists

Meet the hot summer with miniskirts

George Taylor put forward the "skirt length theory",

Meet the hot summer with miniskirts

social economy

Meet the hot summer with miniskirts

"The shorter the women's skirts, the better the economy."

Regardless of whether this theory is still applicable today,

p>The popularity of miniskirts at least means

women have more initiative in showing their bodies.

The hot and bustling Coachella music festival finally came to an end after two weeks of crazy swings, but the costumes of the hot girls at the festival are still impressive. From y2k, western cowboy style to grunge style of decadent rock style, hipsters are showing their confidence and charm to the fullest.

In different styles With the blessing of miniskirts, they boldly and boldly showed their superior figures, each hotter than the other, this is the charm of a strong and confident girl.

The ultra-short halterneck crop top is paired with a rock denim miniskirt, exposing slender and healthy skin. This outfit is full of youthful vitality and cuteness.

The checkerboard is to create a sense of retro The important element is that the fashionistas at the Coachella music festival directly wear suspenders with hot slit-style skirts. The big gold chain decoration at the waist makes the whole person look more punk and rock.

Miniskirts first appeared in London in the early 1960s. Designer Mary Quant opened a Bazaar clothing store on the King's Road in Chelsea, London. In the late 1950s, she began experimenting with short skirts, which influenced the creation of the miniskirt in 1965. In an era when women rarely wore trousers, the miniskirt represented freedom of movement and quickly became popular among young women in Europe and North America.

At the same time, French designer André Courrèges It also challenged the elegant French fashion style. In the fashion conference, it launched a miniskirt 5 cm above the knee. Once it was launched, it was welcomed by avant-garde and young women.

Although, who invented it Miniskirts are still controversial, but this trend began to become more popular and universal in the mid-1980s, and many ladies brought miniskirts into the workplace.

Fashion model Hazel wears a crepe casual dress for the Ossie Clark fashion show in London in the 1970s.

In the 1980s, Chanel began Tailored mini skirt. In the CHANEL spring and summer series in 1995, supermodels wore short tops and skirts, and the high-end and elegant fashion style became more dynamic and rebellious.

 CHANEL 1995 SS Ready-to-WearCHANEL 1995 SS  Ready-to-Wear

In historical retrospect and interpretation again and again, miniskirts are constantly reshaping and breaking themselves, giving the current fashion a more diversified style. Circle brings new surprises. Miniskirts can be seen everywhere in Acne Studios 2022 spring and summer series.

 Acne Studio 2022 SS Ready-to-WearAcne Studio 2022 SS Ready-to-Wear

This season, Acne Studios miniskirts are more powerful, wild and rebellious. The leather fabric is crisp and stylish, with strip design and metal buckle decoration , showing a thriving vitality.

 Acne Studio 2022 SS Ready-to-WearAcne Studio 2022 SS Ready-to-Wear

The transparent crepe printed cardigan is full of retro style, paired with an ultra-short leather skirt, the visual contrast between reality and reality is more rebellious and cold.

 Acne Studio 2022 SS Ready-to-Wear Acne Studio 2022 SS Ready-to-Wear

Miniskirts have their own girlish genes, and the French brand ALaïa is deeply cultivating this style. In the 2022 spring and summer series, pure white pleated tutu skirts are paired with tops of the same color. In a hazy atmosphere, the purity of the girl is fully displayed.

 ALaïa 2022 SS Ready-to-WearALaïa 2022 SS Ready-to -Wear

Alberta Ferretti at This season, we started a romantic Italian spring trip with miniskirts. The small Xiangfeng top is paired with the miniskirt of the same style, which perfectly balances elegance and romance.

 Alberta Ferretti 2022 SS Ready-to-WearAlberta Ferretti&n bsp;2022 SS Ready-to-Wear

Kim Shui added mysterious oriental elements to the hot girl style. The satin halterneck vest is paired with a delicate leather miniskirt, which is sexy and has an oriental style.

 Kim Shui 2022 SS Ready-to-WearKim Shui 2022 SS  ;Ready-to-Wear

as well It is a halter vest, and Christian Cowan took us into a retro miniskirt party. The halter strap covered with sequins is matched with a feather miniskirt, which is high-profile yet elegant.

 Christian Cowan 2022 SS Ready-to-WearChristian Cowan 2022 SS&n bsp;Ready-to-Wear

After seeing so many miniskirts, let us learn how to wear miniskirts in our daily life from the fashionable and exquisite styles.

Sports sweetheart Kendall is online. The white pleated mini skirt is a classic style. Kendall matched it with the same sports bra, revealing a sexy waist, showing the coolness and girlishness of summer.

Classic plaid pleated miniskirt It is one of the must-have items for creating a campus style. Like Hyuna, with a light blue tube top, stockings and small leather shoes that are necessary for a college style, it is a proper college girl.

Jennie also used pleated miniskirts to act as a young girl on stage, but her style It is matched with the bow of the same style as the miniskirt, which is full of preppy style.

The pleated miniskirt of the same style only needs You can create a completely different style by changing the matching top of the same style. The rock-style band Logo T-shirt is mixed with a white suit jacket, and the whole one is the live-action version of the manga NANA.

V-neck shirt with mini skirt forever It's a choice you can't go wrong. The bright pink mini skirt with silk texture, matched with white grid socks and silver shiny pointed high-heeled boots, brought the sexiness to the extreme.

It is also the classic mini pleated Skirts, tops with a contrasting sense may not be an option. The denim stitching skirt is paired with a black and white stitching leather jacket. Song Yuqi’s younger brother makes the stitching elements work, like a ghost horse elf, lively and enthusiastic

What is changeable is never the style,

but our attitude and enthusiasm for life.

Explore ourselves and discover the changeable self,

Let us be braver and do what we like.


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