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Refusing to be stared at, redefining the fashion aesthetics of Corset corset

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In order to satisfy the gaze of others

Refusing to be stared at, redefining the fashion aesthetics of Corset corset

The Corset corset that binds women tightly,

At one time it was seen as a femininity yoke.

Refusing to be stared at, redefining the fashion aesthetics of Corset corset

Today, Corset has become a symbol of women's empowerment.

Refusing to be stared at, redefining the fashion aesthetics of Corset corset

They choose to use Corset to interpret it out of their hearts.

More powerful and sexy modern female.

When we talk about Corset's renaissance, we are not just talking about a popular phenomenon, but more about the essence behind this popular phenomenon: modern women have become stronger and more independent, they There is no need to succumb to the public's aesthetics to satisfy the eyes of others, but to take the initiative to pursue the beauty recognized by oneself with a stronger posture.

A few days ago, Bella wore A customized leather corset with tulle lace appeared at the event. The sexy and bold shape let us see her wildness and courage.

Coincidentally, the large size super Model Paloma Elsesser also chose to use a retro corset with transparent lace, but she chose a white retro corset dress. The slim shape showed us that plus-size girls can be so elegant and charming.

Activity background, Bella Hadid and Paloma Elsesser also took a group photo together to prove to the public that Corset is not just for slender girls. As long as you are confident and energetic, you can wear Corset in a different style.

The development history of Corset is closely related to the history of women's liberation, that's why we say when we talk about the resurgence of Corset When dealing with epidemic phenomena, we must not simply look at the surface of the problem.

Corset-like clothing appeared before the sixteenth century. This fashion with a corset and chest can make women have an "hourglass" figure. In the sixteenth century, under the strong admiration of Queen Elizabeth I at the time, this kind of corset, which can perfectly match the huge bustle and show the body curve, became more popular.

In the corset at this time Hardwood or metal parts will be added to achieve the effect of a mandatory waist, and the corset will have a strap design at the front or back, which is convenient for people to fasten it with external force, thus highlighting the waistline.

This kind of mandatory waist The design will squeeze the body organs with long-term use. Doctors at the time also believed that corsets would cause respiratory diseases, rib deformities and other physiological diseases. The pursuit and worship of the hourglass figure.

By the end of the nineteenth century, for S The pursuit of the shape of the body reached the extreme, and the discussion and criticism of the corset became more and more intense. On the one hand, the serious consequences caused by wearing corsets have made more people aware of the dangers to health; on the other hand, some bold reformers believe that corsets are a symbol of patriarchal power, and that women use their clothes to express themselves. Satisfy men's superficial needs such as flirting.

At the beginning of the 20th century, with With the invention of elastic bands and the entry of women into the workforce, restrictive corsets began to decline and bras became popular. At this time, women are more willing to improve their body lines through diet and exercise.

Impressive in modern fashion history A profound example of the corset renaissance is Madonna's 1991 Blonde Ambition tour in which she wore a tapered corset, which became popular in different cities as the tour progressed . This special custom piece from Jean Paul Gaultier not only rekindled women's enthusiasm for corsets, but also brought an upsurge of wearing underwear outside.

The slim corset design is very suitable for showing the strength and sexiness of women. In the Versace 2022 autumn and winter show, the design of the corset is almost integrated into every suit. The details of the herringbone waist are combined with the black see-through mesh, which makes this suspender dress extremely sexy.

 Versace 2022 FW Ready-to-WearVersace 2022 FW Ready-to-Wear< p> Barbie pink bodice The clothes are simple and neat, and the stem design outlines the skeleton of the corset. It is matched with the same high-saturation silhouette suit jacket, hiding the sharp edge of women in it.

Versace 2022 FW Ready-to-WearVersace 202 2 FW Ready-to-Wear

Reappears the classics with a mid-century vintage leather corset. Acne Studios firmly grasps the essence of Corset. The three-dimensional leather carvings seem to put flowers on the corset, making the corset look retro. more refined at the same time.

 Acne Studios 2022 SS Ready-to-WearAcne Studios 2022 SS Ready-to-W ear

with a modern design Simplifying and improving the corset in this way is what Ermanno Scervino played in this season. The simpler design, smoother and rounded lines let us see more possibilities of Corset.

 Ermanno Scervino 2022 SS Ready-to-WearErmanno Scervino 2022 SS Ready -to-Wear

classic skinny The corset is often a sling type. KNWLS designed the corset as a hanging neck type this season, and divided it into two parts: Bra and corset, allowing us to freely and freely combine them.

KNWLS 2022 SS Ready-to- Wear

The waist design is the most iconic structure of the corset. The Tom Ford 2022 spring and summer series simply hides the Bra part, and combines the herringbone waist with the long-sleeved bottoming shirt. Let the bottoming clothes also have a sexy waist.

 Tom Ford 2022 SS Ready-to-WearTom Ford 2022 SS Ready-to-Wear

The corset comes with a slimming buff, and the inverted triangle shape can also visually elongate the waist-to-waist ratio of the whole person, so it is very suitable for use Pair it with low-waisted jeans, and put on a loose suit jacket like Bella, and the aura immediately becomes stronger.

Bella is very good at using corsets Matching different styles, the oil painting Corset mixes with low-waisted overalls jeans, which has the feeling of a fashionable girl in the 1980s, and it is still a rebellious and uninhibited style.

Except the fishbone tight chest For clothes, Bella also wore a 19th-century rubber bone corset. The stitching fanned radially from the waist to the chest, giving it a more retro court feel.

A suit jacket is a good choice to match a corset, like Tang Yixin's mint green that is very suitable for spring Blazer, sexy and sweet at the same time.

The corset of the same style, It can also be worn alone like Wang Ou. The transparent fishnet design makes the superior abdominal line looming, and the personalized stitching sports pants add a sense of street rebellion to this outfit.

Of course, the corset is also very It is suitable for layering on the outside of the shirt. Bella, who wears the template, wears the simplified Corset on the outside of the white shirt. The groove design fits the chest perfectly, and the whole person is chic and sexy.

Fashionistas who are worried about exposing too much You can also choose to wear a complete corset over the shirt. Remember to unbutton the shirt hem to show off your belly and fully display the advantages of Corset.

When the corset became a symbol of rising femininity,

girls began to show their sexuality only for their own pleasure.

So, girls

Be yourself, freely and freely~


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