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"Five Dimensions" Analysis of the Current and Future Trends of the Fashion Industry·Products

time:2023-12-07 11:31:41Classification:personsource:news

In 2021, WWD China will witness the transformation and development of the fashion industry in five dimensions: cultural shaping, technological transformation, sustainable fashion practice, business model innovation, and product innovation. pioneering. The many achievements of the participants in the fashion industry are due to their active or unconscious compliance with the paradigms and trends of the above five dimensions.

Therefore, in 2022, WWD China will continue to find out the current changes and emerging needs in and out of the industry from these five dimensions, and explore the future development direction of the industry with a summary of trends, so as to provide brand , consumers, employees and even the whole society bring enlightenment.

In the post-pandemic era, committing to product innovation will allow brands to maintain their competitiveness, and product power will empower brands Power, brand power will promote the development of the brand. Facing the ever-escalating consumption demands of consumers, brands are also presenting richer creative content and product innovation to deepen consumer cognition, and thus get closer to the minds of the younger generation of consumers. Only in this way can the product strength of fashion brands continue to innovate and better respond to the ever-changing fashion consumer market.


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