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Colorful is earth? That's because you don't understand

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Colorful is earth? That's because you don't understand

Original title: Colorful is soil? That's because you don't understand

Colorful is earth? That's because you don't understand

The popularity of the TV series "Our Marriage" caused Bai Baihe's OOTD in the drama to be frequently discussed as "out of the circle". The white floral dress with a messenger bag is simple yet stylish, the blue-green striped T-shirt shows youthful vitality, and the V-neck red dress shows a unique feminine style. . . . . . Isn't such a rich outfit idea the standard answer for spring OOTD!

Colorful is earth? That's because you don't understand

The reason why Bai Baihe's outfits in the play attract attention is because she plays with the colors just right, and the colorful colors always make people's eyes shine! If you are still worried about what and how to wear in spring, you might as well learn how to overturn the "color palette" on clothing!

Open suits in colorful ways

Among many categories of fashion, suits are regardless of season or gender. Don't pick your age, very tolerant. Therefore, it is a very wise choice to choose a colored suit in spring. In the warm season, it is still sassy, handsome and eye-catching.

Colorful suits have always been the "darlings" of fashion icons in the early spring. They know how to balance colors and don't match different colors in a large area, but choose the same color with the attitude of "less is more" The suits and T-shirts or unlined clothes inside are also very simple, not overwhelming, but just "green leaves" as a foil.

Colourism is very popular. Many celebrities appear on the stage in colorful suits with full protagonist aura. Woolen cloth?

Color suit The design does not emphasize complicated structure, and the seemingly monotonous version is actually exquisite and fashionable, which also makes colored suits an indispensable classic in fashion week shows, whether it is sexy and beautiful bright colors, or calm and low-key dark colors, Etro uses colors to the extreme, and can be easily controlled without complicated design and conception, showing a very friendly side of fashion.

Spring is approaching , the more and more powerful pink wave gradually hit, Valentino created an exclusive "pink laboratory", which is dreamlike and unforgettable. The ubiquitous fluorescent pink impacts people's senses, but the seemingly single color deduces the essence and infinite possibilities of high fashion.

1. Morandi-colored suits are relatively easier to control, and the most comfortable inner wear is a white T-shirt, which is refreshing and clean as a whole

2. A high-brightness suit jacket will be more eye-catching, but it will test the overall atmosphere of the shape, and you must master the occasion when you wear it

3. The suit is enough to be the focus of the styling, so the accessories need to be relatively low-key, and a simple metal chain is a good choice

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Dress yourself up as Skittles and celebrate spring

Spring is a season of "playing with colors". Recently, Anne Hathaway appeared in New York in a colorful polka-dot suspenders from the Christopher John Rogers 22 early spring series to participate in the promotional activities of the new drama "The Rise and Fall of WeWork".

Kendall Jenner The colorful mohair vest neutralizes her usual cool style, and the hem of the white shirt is casually exposed, still retaining the uninhibited street flavor.

Color contrast That is to say, the street fashionistas prefer to use contrasting colors to make themselves unique. The bold collision of bright and bright colors brings eye-catching and dazzling visual impact. As long as you master the color matching, it is difficult to hit the shirt! It seems that two colors that are difficult to control are matched together, but they have a unique flavor. This is probably the charm of color!

If you are not sure enough to try a large area of color contrast, it is better to try matching a single product in bright colors, which is both daily and not exaggerated.

In the Louis Vuitton show, jumping colors are widely used, and the original special pattern design adds a youthful atmosphere, and the visual impact is also strengthened. Fashion is as gorgeous as fireworks.

Tom Ford The retro style of the 2022 autumn and winter series is superimposed with jumping colors. The suit is matched with shiny matte stockings, and the exquisite tailoring of velvet presents a different kind of charm.

1. Contrasting colors of small color blocks are most suitable for wearing white, and choosing colors that are different from the overall tone for inner wear or single products will enrich the sense of hierarchy

2. Color contrast does not mean that the more colors the better, but to use a certain color as the main color and use other colors as a foil, so that it will be coordinated

3. You can choose two soft contrasting colors for the contrasting color of the large color block, which is not easy to make mistakes and is also very advanced

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Open suits in colorful ways

Spring is always full of expectations, comfortable weather and plenty of warm sunshine It is most suitable for going out for an outing with friends in two or three, and there is nothing better than this for a good time. But what to wear for a picnic, are you ready?

When it comes to lively atmosphere, candy color must have a place! Taeyeon chose Korean-style outfits with orange-pink as the main tone to transform into a vigorous girl, and the sweetness directly exceeded the standard! Pair it with age-reduced curly bangs and twist braids, and you will feel full of youthfulness!

If you are worried Colors with high brightness do not match the skin tone. You can follow Yu Shuxin to choose a color with lower saturation, and then match it with the most versatile white skirt, and instantly become a beautiful girl full of vitality. Grab your girl's heart!

There are always various styles gathered on the streets of Fashion Week The fashionistas, icons wearing candy color schemes form their own scenery in the bright sunshine, and the colorful street fashion injects fresh vitality into the spring.

show The fashion of fashion is always interesting and intriguing. Rich and soft candy colors have gradually become the most common figure in the spring and summer shows. GCDS staged colorful and dreamy fairy tales, highlighting the designers' whimsy for spring, presenting a unique dramatic artistry.

candy color Best able to bring people into a decent and unrestrained fantasy realm, Moschino remodels classic suits and single items, and uses imagination to develop the show into a fashion ranch full of nostalgia and novelty. The fashion is bright and playful like a rainbow .

1. Among the candy colors, the fresh green is the most popular, simple but lively, versatile and stylish

2. Candy colors and broken flowers are CPs that will never be separated in the fashion circle. A single color is no longer boring, as if injected with natural fresh energy

3. The candy color system not only includes certain specific colors, but also creates a refreshing feeling of candy, refreshing and sunny, healing and sweet

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Compared with autumn and winter when everything is quiet, spring will be more colorful Lively, let's open the spring wardrobe together and enjoy the most beautiful colorful spring together!


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