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It only takes two consecutive rainy days to reshape a relationship

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Whether you believe it or not,

It only takes two consecutive rainy days to reshape a relationship

As a person grows up

It only takes two consecutive rainy days to reshape a relationship

the education, family and other environments he receives,< /p>

Determines the way he sees things,

It only takes two consecutive rainy days to reshape a relationship

and the types of friends he keeps close.

No matter how gentle, kind, and considerate he is,

If he is not from the same world,

sooner or later he will part with you.

This is In the story of the movie "A Rainy Day in New York" that was recently shown in China, the class relationship that seems to be easily crossed has actually filled the gap in the dark. The sad ending between Tiancha and Fan Ning is by no means a simple "personality" differences”, but the inevitable result of social class relations.

Storytelling Gatsby, played by Tiancha, and Ashley, played by Fanning, the couple went to Manhattan, New York for a weekend vacation.

in that On a rainy day, Ashley, who wants to have her own career in the film and television industry, meets a director and screenwriter she admires. She also unexpectedly attends a private party of a high-end celebrity, and has a date alone with the superstar Francesco.

And here, the bored Gatsby is at Wandering around the city, when I acted as an extra for my former classmates, I met the younger sister Akane (Selena Gomez) of my childhood girlfriend. A French kiss started a series of heart-pounding events such as encounters and exhibitions. story.

This is the 15th time for director Woody Allen The filming of New York is still about the love between those intellectuals or literary youths, but this time the overall style is much more relaxed and gentle than before. With many popular young actors, the whole story is more beautiful and romantic.

Who can refuse to share an umbrella with Tiancha on a rainy day and run together in the rainy day of New York ? or Who can't be sweetened by the sweet tea and Selena's kiss in the rain at the end of the film?

Since the story of "A Rainy Day in New York" happened between men and women in college, in the movie we can see whether Both Tiancha and Fanning are wearing jackets and skirts in low-saturated tones, and the clothing style is Ivy Style.

Ivy Style The Ivy style is a clothing style popular in the Ivy League in the 1950s and 1960s. Students in these schools are often born in the upper class, have a good life background, and wear more formal clothing such as suits in their daily life.

Enter the campus Afterwards, away from the shackles of family norms, it follows more relaxed, comfortable wearing. Therefore, Ivy Style is the dressing style of American college students between casual and formal.

And this is the same as sweet tea in the movie Gatsby The identity of an upper class is quite consistent, and Ashley played by Fanning is not an upper class, but she also has a banker's father, which is considered a middle class.

coffee color The linen suit jacket is paired with a plaid shirt and a gray-green round neck. The shirt is buttoned up a few times casually, and the suit jacket also has obvious folds. From the shape of the clothing, it can be seen that Gatsby is a rebellious and casual , but emotional youth of literature and art.

Ashley's style will be more cute and sweet. The pleated skirt is undoubtedly a literary girl with a sweet girl style.

This is Woody Allen's first movie released in mainland China, and those literary and artistic youths who like Woody Style can finally show it in China I saw the work of the old man on the screen. As "the last intellectual in Hollywood", Woody Allen is very good at depicting the obscure love between literary and artistic youths with his lens.

"Manhattan" "

The male and female protagonists in his films are often elegantly dressed and full of cultural atmosphere. They will chat about profound philosophical issues, listen to relaxing jazz music, and stroll in the rainy New York. But what he is most praised by people is the presentation of female characters. The women in almost every movie are beautiful.

" Coffee Commune"

Although he said: "Although dressing up is a superficial and meaningless thing, it is a pity that the charm has disappeared." But he really knows how to make a woman a high-end artistic sense.

"Annie Hall"

Like the protagonist Annie in the movie "Annie Hall ", a fashionable girl who wants to dream of becoming a singer. She will wear a white shirt with a vest and a neutral collar. She is chic and unrestrained. It is a high-quality outfit that will definitely not be outdated now.

"Annie Hall"

She will also mix and match this with a neutral dress hat and carry a large canvas bag on her back. This sporty look is really fashionable.

"Annie Hall"

in In "Magic Moonlight", Sophie, a mysterious girl who claims to have psychic ability, sets off her romantic but eccentric personality through a series of tulle dresses.

"Annie Hall"

this Wearing an oil painting hat and a red sailor suit, who can not say how playful and charming such a girl is?

"Annie Hall"

not only portrays young women, Woody Allen has a good way, but also has a deep understanding of how to show mature women's sense of sophistication. In "Blue Jasmine", the Jasmine who fell from the upper class to the life of ordinary people suddenly wore a champagne gold suit with a nude knitted jacket, which was full of high-end sense.

"Blue Jasmine"

Even if her later life was not as good as she wanted, she tried to maintain the person's superficial elegance and nobility by dressing in low-saturated tones.

"Blue Jasmine"

of course , all the fashion modeling in the movie is to portray the image of the characters, Woody Allen and his queen costume designer Suzy Benzinger present us one after another full of literary and artistic female characters. They are very different, but fresh and lovely.

 "The Irrational Man"


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