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When I grow up, I dress up as the handsome senior (handsome T) whom I had a crush on when I was young

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When I grow up, I dress up as the handsome senior (handsome T) whom I had a crush on when I was young

Original title: When I grow up, I dress up like when I was a child The handsome senior who had a crush on (handsome T)

When I grow up, I dress up as the handsome senior (handsome T) whom I had a crush on when I was young

In the Met Gala that just passed, in fact, the best-dressed award in the editor's mind was awarded to Emma Corrin's 👇~

When I grow up, I dress up as the handsome senior (handsome T) whom I had a crush on when I was young

Yes, this set looks slightly" Strict" + "simple" dress!

Emma pays tribute to Evander Berry Wall, known as the "King of Dudes" at the end of the 19th century. He is a rich second-generation socialite in New York and one of the main members of the "Coffee Commune".

pampered Evander is particularly obsessed with fashion. He once changed 40 outfits between breakfast and dinner in order to bet with his friends.

But his money business is not as high as that of American businessmen. After declaring bankruptcy in 1988, he said sadly that "New York has become the world of businessmen after all", and then went to Paris, the fashion capital~< /p>

Choose Cos like this A fashionable boy came to cut the Met Gala "Gilded Age" topic, which is what many people in the industry secretly admire Emma Corrin - she really understands it!

The point is that women disguise themselves as men, Think about it, any star on this red carpet or his Plus One (male partner\female partner) must be scratching their heads and thinking about how to outshine the crowd. Neutral style is really not necessarily insurance Options.

It takes a deep belief that you are special enough to be seen. In fact, not only the red carpet, but also wearing neutral style items in life requires a lot of skill.

Before Emma It is because the young version of Concubine Diana who played the role of the British drama "The Crown" is well-known to everyone. She interpreted Concubine Diana's early image of a shy and stubborn girl very well.

But! The editor observed Emma's street photos and found that the private server style is so different from Ying's image! !

Because, She likes to wear unisex items! With the boy head that was popular in the 90s, it is quite Boyish.

Take a look , even if you want to be a Miu Miu girl, it's the cool (gong) kind.

These years Everyone's eyes have been used to go wrong, and the stars also have a habit of thinking when they wear clothes-enough material to gain attention. As a result, everyone started to come up with strange tricks frequently. For example, when the Bella Hadid set was released, the newspaper friends all asked in unison: Is it from sexy lingerie?

To be honest, the editor doesn't think this set is gaudy, and it even fits the theme of Met Gala this time (you see, aesthetics is really subjective). but! To talk about the degree of reference, sorry Bella: Zero~

Look at this set of T-shirt + suit pants again. Although the neutral style is much "bland" compared with her Y2K style outfit, we immediately Can you imagine the effect of similar items on your upper body?

Alexa Chung She also started a business before. She said that if she wants to have a meeting with investors, she will choose suits, shirts and other items that make people look professional. If she wears a doll skirt or a vest, others will "not take you seriously." of", you know, Patriarchy.

It's a bit helpless, but that's the truth.

It really complied with the slogan "Wear whatever you wear What"——you dress like a Girl Boss, and you speak and act with more confidence.

Sexuality ≠ masculinity, there needs to be a delicate balance between the two.

So what How can we slightly transform these unisex items borrowed from men's wardrobes and wear them with our own taste? That's what I'm going to talk about today!

Girl Boss essential items need to meet two conditions 👉 Both boys and girls can wear it; secondly, we need to give us a space to transform.

The top of the list must be suit pants (indisputable).

suit pants The body is crisp, not only can self-cultivation, but also can improve Qi. This is why most people love it, but as the editor said before, neutrality is not equal to masculinity, and a delicate balance is needed in the middle.

Let’s see how the real boss Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears:

First of all, the shape and texture of her suit pants are good enough (The Row, it can’t be bad), and then match them, the sister-in-law has always advocated To stay so a little feminine.

For example, shoes, she always wears shoes that show her toes High-heeled sandals, don't underestimate the degree of skin exposure, can change the tone of the entire Look.

If not Then when you need to show your aura, sandals can also be replaced with comfortable flat bottoms (there are many options for yesterday's content). or you It’s also okay to move the position where the skin is exposed, such as showing ankles, wrists, collarbones, etc., which is also very neat and chic.

You wear If it is a shirt, one more button is opened, and the air permeability will be more.

suit pants To soften, is there any other way besides showing the skin properly? Yes, of course, but also with feminine accessories.

Gold Jewelry Earrings and belts are very useful (this parent-child outfit is too cute, look at that chubby Jio).

suit pants Very plain, a "proven" bag can bring a sense of fashion and show the taste.

Straight to the point, take a neutral style and the second is indispensable The single product is the basic T-shirt.

It can also be worn by boys and girls, but we can use various "small means" to make it more refined.

Before editing I wrote a large article and told everyone that V-neck T-shirts are no longer popular these years, and the round-neck style that was picked off from my boyfriend is the most fashionable.

As for matching We said in suit pants that the T-shirt fits so well with it for some reason, obviously one seems to be short-tempered and the other is short-tempered (sudden realization! Probably this is the reason).

black and white Of course, it is the most classic one. The above Bella wears it according to this idea, and the point that you are more delicate than your boyfriend is reflected in: there are more fashionable underarm bags and a belt that highlights the layering.

T-shirt Wearing it under the shirt as a base is the constant match for the editor to go out to do nucleic acid in the past two days (I only go out for half an hour every day, and this set of equipment has been worn for a week). But don’t make the trousers so embarrassing👆, let’s buy a pair with trouser loops~

Printed T-shirts can also be included, which can convey some small personality, but if it is printed in a foreign language, remember to find out the meaning of those words first. .

Printing Chinese characters has become a fashionable trend in recent years , The cultural shirt that the editor sniffed at before was quite successful.

But imagine that if the lower body is not a "serious" suit wide-leg pants, but replaced with the big flower pants that boys must have in summer, it is undoubtedly a proper tourist dress.

Last look Look at the cute and neutral style, the big T-shirt with Mary Jane is so wonderful, and the forecast will heat up next week, so I will go downstairs to do nucleic acid and wear it like this 🙋!

Girl Bosses wear suit pants and high heels Come on, if you change into a more relaxed outfit, will you be completely weak?

Next I’m going to introduce the third item that is necessary for playing with a neutral style—"lazy shoes". How to wear them so that you can maintain a cool and sassy style while being leisurely and comfortable?

It looks like "Temporary" is not enough, even if you are wearing flip-flops, you still need to prepare a pair that looks "prepared".

still want Take matching suit pants as an example. Such pants have a sense of volume, so you can’t just buy a pair of shoes to match them.

heavy The old shoes are ruled out first, it will put the long trousers in a dilemma, and they will be stacked together sloppily, which is the way this short-legged editor can't bear;

With suit pants, light and thin canvas Shoes are the first choice.

canvas shoes It goes well with suit pants for thousands of years. I used to think that the seniors who wore them like this were handsome and ruffian.

Now , and finally managed to turn myself into a handsome sister hahahahahahahahaha!

Except above The classic canvas shoes, moral training shoes, biscuit shoes can also be matched with suit pants.

, Those canvases back then were wear-resistant and durable, but they were also really hard. Fortunately, there were these "soft replacements" with the same high value later.

Editing such a little sweat jio, I really can't stand without sandals in summer.

We are not Go for a neutral style, just in step with the trend of sandals in recent years.

That's right, the most popular ones now are these "ugly sandals" that don't show gender and lack beauty👇

Is there a threshold for high-heeled flip-flops? It is directly replaced with a thick-soled flat heel, which is chic with suit pants and handsome with jeans. It is one of the really fragrant items that the editor bought last year.

Birkenstocks are classic and durable, and you can take them off when you put them on The kind that won't come down. Kendall Jenner has used it to play the color game. It can only be said that with a competent owner, the basic model can also become fashionable!

Later There is a combination of Birkenstocks and Dutch shoes, which has become popular directly from the blogger circle to the star circle. It is very popular, and visually adding a pair of socks can be worn across at least three seasons. This lazy person said that he can have it.

Hermès 2021 Spring/Summer Men's CollectionHermès 2021 Spring/Summer Men's Collection< img id="68" src="https://n.sinaimg.cn/fashion/crawl/519/w550h769/20220512/98f9-b451a42fc688fe9e67ddfc6246fc9298.jpg" alt="">

Through the above three items and edit With the summary of Tips, you can successfully grasp the neutral style; maybe we can also live through the neutral style~


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