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Out of the street in spring, you must read the dressing guide

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With the advent of April, the annual flower viewing craze is coming as expected. If you want to perfectly freeze beautiful moments, a tall It is even more essential to dress up for viewing flowers. Let's start from the colors of the show and red carpet fashion, and look for the matching theme color of the flower season.

Out of the street in spring, you must read the dressing guide

#1 Pink

Out of the street in spring, you must read the dressing guide

If April is exclusive to cherry blossoms, then April in the fashion circle is exclusive to pink.

Out of the street in spring, you must read the dressing guide

In the Blumarine Italian "Blue Lover" early autumn series, pink is also used to play a millennial retro style, and the ALL PINK trend is becoming more and more popular.

Not long ago, Valentino specially cooperated with Pantone to launch its own "Valentino powder", and released a whole season of pink series.

Although it is not easy to wear pink, some The funky shades of pink are a great way to start. For example, the pink suit wide-leg pants that fashion icons are wearing. The loose but smooth design can make the legs look long and straight.

Whether it is matching the same color items, or like Zhou Yutong Such a daily home top, casually matched with a pair of blue jeans, can easily "wear spring on the body".

Ren Min chooses different shades of pink for matching , a pink printed short-sleeved shirt with a white slim camisole and light pink quilted nylon shorts underneath. The pink is tender and cute, and it is a beautiful and cool summer match.

Yang Caiyu's spring outing OOTD, choose pink heraldic button knitted cardigan Pair it with a white knitted bottoming shirt, blue denim trousers and flat shoes, and the low-saturation pink color shows gentle temperament and brings out elegance and intellectuality.

If it is a brighter pink, full of vigor and vitality It feels like adding points instantly, and the girl is full of vitality.

#2 Green

Green is the color that symbolizes hope and healing. It makes us feel fresh, natural, vigorous and alive in the midst of epidemics, dust and cities. In recent years, it has also appeared frequently in major shows.

Bottega Veneta presented us with a green show at the 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion Week, which was both mysterious and futuristic. After the show, people even began to call this saturated and shiny Green is BV Green.

Victoria Beckham, who has always used simple and capable colors, is also in 2021 Bright green was added to the Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collection, paired with camel to give these minimalist pieces a new look.

The small area of green is the finishing touch to the overall shape Like the accessories in the previous section, it's not overpowering, but it works surprisingly well.

Like Alicia Roddy and Irene Kim choose sweatpants or miniskirts with white items, which are refreshing and sporty.

Long items with a large area are also suitable, white The lightness can neutralize a large area of green to make it more textured, and the green can bring more vitality to the ordinary white.

green Dressing is actually not as harsh as imagined. Simple solid colors can make the overall shape light and heavy, and you can wear it very advanced.

You can also start with a small area. Sabina Socol, a similar crop top, is more friendly. Wearing a pair of jeans is very casual. If you are not confident about your figure, it doesn’t matter. Add a light avocado color of the same color A coat or shirt can cover the flesh and protect against the sun.

Selected by Xu Yiyang A green braided short jacket is paired with a black leather pleated skirt and metal chain round-toed Chelsea boots to create a small and fresh spring, and the atmosphere is instantly full.

Like Xilinnayi Gao, choose a dark green Wide-leg trousers with checkerboard patterns and beige gray outer stitches destroy the knitted vest, casual and casual, with youthful vigor blowing away.

Kendall Jenner with white crop top and black wide-leg pants To create a capable urban image, the balance of each color block is just right.

Color up to Leonie Hanne also uses a small area of white underwear and shorts to ensure that the green shirt is the absolute protagonist of the overall shape, and the pink handbag and slippers can also match the color.

#3 Blue

As a blue color that appears frequently in daily life, the appearance of blue fully expresses the calmness, grandeur, calmness and tranquility symbolized by the sea.

Blue itself is a cool color, giving people a rational visual experience. This is especially true for the blue that has reduced its lightness. White, which is not picky, is the most error-free color matching.

Red + The blue color scheme itself is a very classic retro collocation. Applied to clothing, this group of colors can still be very colorful. However, it should be noted that red + blue account for two of the three primary colors, and the color itself is abrupt enough. When matching, we must pay attention to controlling the proportion.

5: 5 is easy to wear with an unearthly taste. Dressing in the same color as the picture below, and embellished with a red earring, is an idea that often appears in the daily outfits of fashionistas.

In the same color In the collocation of the system, there are also lightness and saturation of the color. Use low-brightness blue to match high-brightness blue. This harmonious color scheme can best give people a low-key sense of luxury.

Low brightness The blue color is easy to wear out old-fashioned. To break through this limitation, one idea is to use a light-colored interior close to the face to brighten the overall look; you can also wear blue to the lower body, and use a more secure earth tone to suppress the blue emotions.

Starting from accessories, bags and shoes echo, And using a small area of orange to contrast with the contrasting blue, this kind of high-end collocation that does not show mountains and dews is the careful thinking of fashionable people who go out on the street every day.

In fact, the secret of color comes more from nature . Therefore, painters should regularly go to the wild to sketch and draw inspiration from nature. The same goes for dressing. If you can observe your life carefully, you will find that there are high-end and fashionable colors everywhere in your life.


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